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BioFinger SA was born in 2007, with a visionary objective of bringing the then high-tech fingerprint technology normally used by government sector into a technology that is viable, affordable and reachable by the mass commercial market including SME's in Southern Africa.

Biofinger products are used in more than 100 countries around the world and sourced from a company that has won numerous awards for R&D and excellence in marketing and service.

We aim to to provide comprehensive solutions for the T&A and access control market, and to employ the best technology for deployment in the industry. The use of facial recognition heralds a new era for Biometrics and Biofinger SA. Beginning with a vision, followed by simple yet viable plans and executions, Biofinger has started a remarkable revolution, changing the unreachable technology to the state-of-the art “touchable” to “touchless” products much faster than its rivals, setting a new benchmark for the biometric industry.

Biofinger SA has provided solutions to various blue chip countries in recent years including




Albany Bakeries


Sesfigile Logistics

Agricultural Research Council

Buco Hardware

Our products and service are guaranteed to save your company time and money.


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about us
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Contact Person: Donovan Bird

Tel: 017 779 02 99

Cell: 082 858 07 53

Email: info@biofinger.co.za


Shop 4 Aqua Park Shopping Centre

Springfield Rd